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I forgot!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2008!

Jumping the waggon... It's Christnmas!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas today! May your day be jolly and bright :-)

--- Kristin

Seen at scouty's

Frustration, thy name be Dreamweaver

I got totally hooked on webdesign today which actually was a good feeling as I was seriously lacking some creativity waves lately. Hooked meaning obsessed meaning "Oh, look, it's 7pm already and all I did all day was toying around with this site design." Weird how this sometimes happens.

Anyway, right now I'm at the point of giving up. My idea looks good, I'm really satisfied with what I achived, but  now - at the point of designing all those little sites in the look, it is sooo frustrating because Dreamweaver messes up my design the whole time, and I don't understand why... *wants to throw a tantrum*

Oh, the site I'm at right now is the one for Nico König which I last redesigned in 2002, so ABOUT time, too. But if Dreamweaver isn't going to behave better ... *sighs heavily*

Kicked out finally

Eights weeks after I passed my last exam they finally realized that at my beloved university and kicked me out :-) But told me to go to the dean soon to get my certificate first. Nice.

So, from Sept. 17th I'm officially not a student anymore! ... *coughs* I intend to use my student ticket until Sept. 30th to be honest... they did not tell me to hand it in AND I effin paid for it, thank you very much!

Well, well, it's time for the real world now.

None, really ... or MUSIC :-)

Just have to express my excitement at the fact that one of my favourite bands, Matchbox Twenty (whom I believed to have splitted up for good), is releasing a new album soon! OMG, I am so looking forward to it!

This may cover up the fact that Mister Williams has obviously postponed his new Swing album. Prat! ;-)

Oh, and I got my first job interview appointment. Uhh, exciting. Or not.

Même même même

Snagged from scullymouse - and since I still haven't done the last one (*guilty stare*), I just HAVE to give this one a go.


I'm addicted

67%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Mingle2 - Online Dating

No surprises there ... but, hell, I LOVE Blogging!


Movies Movies Movies

This is the IMDB list of the 250 best movies of all time. So let's see whether I live up to my rep as a couch potato :-)) (I will bold the ones I've seen)

A day for celebration!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to beemex ! Hah, I didn't forget - I wish you all the best in the world & hope you had and have a really GRRREEAT day (as Tony Tiger would put it)

There even may be some cake hidden here...Collapse )