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I'm confused ... well, a bit

Don't what it is at the moment.

I really was done with the whole man thing. I honestly thought nothing will ever happen on that field. And suddenly ...

1) Of course the whole Thomas thing happening december 2013 - april 2014. Ok, he is gone and it broke my heart back then. But sorry.. soooo worth it! ... saw him actually the weekend before last and it was .... kind of strange, very nice and a blast to see him. May happen again this month.

2) Then there is this guy I met at a board game thing who is obviously interested in me. Am not sure whether I am interested or not, but sure feels nice.

3) And on Saturday, for the first time in my life, I successfully flirted and attracted someone at a big party. Won't say no more here, but that gave me a real confident boost. Would have never expected that to happen....

Something's happening.
Yeah, life is good.