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Friends only since 2007!

Since I've been posting my entries under "Friends only" for quite some time now, it now will be an officially "Friends only" journal. There is a chance that some minor entries may be public, but to really be part of my world, you have to be on my friends list.

Comment if you want to be added.

I'm confused ... well, a bit

Don't what it is at the moment.

I really was done with the whole man thing. I honestly thought nothing will ever happen on that field. And suddenly ...

1) Of course the whole Thomas thing happening december 2013 - april 2014. Ok, he is gone and it broke my heart back then. But sorry.. soooo worth it! ... saw him actually the weekend before last and it was .... kind of strange, very nice and a blast to see him. May happen again this month.

2) Then there is this guy I met at a board game thing who is obviously interested in me. Am not sure whether I am interested or not, but sure feels nice.

3) And on Saturday, for the first time in my life, I successfully flirted and attracted someone at a big party. Won't say no more here, but that gave me a real confident boost. Would have never expected that to happen....

Something's happening.
Yeah, life is good.

May. 19th, 2014

It's an effin roller coaster ride at the moment. Right now the wagon is pointing straight down.
So depressed.
The world's biggest loser.
Nobody cares. And I can totally see why.


Not sure

Huh, do I feel better now or was it just there was too much going on so I couldn't really listen to myself?

I know that there is at least one issue that is still bothering me and it even bothers me that it is bothering me. But maybe I should just forget all about it and stop caring - that stupid guy doesn't deserve all the thoughts I put into him one bit... That he even dares to write such a pissed email ... Argh!

Well, fact is that I had a VERY social and active weekend which showed me that there are many different people in my life who like me a lot.
Spent Thursday and Friday evening with Marcel (from my choir) to write our bits for a choir concert at a senior residence on Sunday. That went well - we are a great team. And I like him a lot, he is a real PLEASURE to be with.
Went to Berlin early on Saturday. Met Lars for a very enjoyable lunch (we studied together) - as we haven't seen each for two years and met on short notice, we both were in awe that we managed that.
And the wedding party of Maxi and Dany also was totally nice. It was the first in nearly five years that I saw Tanja again who was kind of my best friend during my time in Berlin (I chose to put her out of my life tbh because I felt she pressured me in a way when I started in Hamburg, accusing me of not being a good friend when I struggled with first job, new city & with living in a temporary apartment ... she sent me a letter in May apologizing which I thought was VERY big of her).
Unfortunately we didn't get so much time to talk because she had her boyfriend with her who was a bit lost and she felt responsible that he enjoyed himself as well. We will do the talking another time, I hope.
Took the bus back to Hamburg early the next morning to be able to be at our concert in time. That went very well, too. Both we and the audience had a lot of fun and people laughed at all the right places when Marcel and I did our bits, too.
Then I didn't go home to relax a bit, nooo, went to a restaurant with Sirka and Monika from our choir to eat and talk.... And the evening ended with a long telephone conversation with my favorite colleague from the old job (but she quit, too and will a new job, soon!!).
So now a cold is creeping on me and I don't like that one bit. This week's schedule is fully packed including a visit of my brother when everything is going the right way.

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Another project finished

I sucessfully finished another website project.

This time it's for my second choir (rehearsals every Tuesday):


Would love for you to check it out.


Music même


As I couldn't reach her via phone tonight ...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear scullymouse!
And many happy returns!

I like this ...

I took this test at facebook.com and was very happy with the result ... this absolutely fits me. The test was called "Which musical instrument are you" LOL!

My result is: Clarinet

You are quite, reserved, but very creative. A lot of people don't seem to understand you because you have your own 'beat'. You enjoy both the light and dark side of life, and sometimes this comes off as a little creepy. You are sometimes too quite, you need to learn to speak up!!! You are very intreperative and creative in your workplace/activities and tend to be a good follower. You often dislike confrontation and would rather just forget problems, as opposed to fighting or talking about them. You love to read and write, and love to look very 'Posh'. Although you are often misunderstood, you are undoubtably cool.